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mcconnell for six, seven weeks the president would simply not budge one inch on cutting spending and had no interest in doing that. the republicans believed and i think they're probably right if they'd gone into 2013 without the tax issue resolved they'd be pummelled day after
this is now for harry reid and mitch mcconnell to decide and they couldn't either the when they actually did vote on new year's eve it undermined what has been the governing rule of the republicans for the past decade, which is nothing should pass without a majority vote and they didn't have a majority vote, and then immediately turned around to re-elect him speaker. it was never really in doubt. but i think having 12 votes, essentially 12 votes on the floor against -- against his speakership being re-elected with only 220 votes does not send a message of strength going into these next rounds. gwen: and mike, when all is said and done -- nice pen drop there! -- when all is said and didn't you president was still able to wrangle his basics. he wanted to be able to raise taxes on the wealthy, however you define wealthy, and he got that. >> certainly the white house and other democrats look at this and say this is a water shed moment. we got the democrats to break the cardinal, visceral value they have, raising taxes. the only problem is on new year's day taxes were already high. but hell hath
minute by senator mcconnell leading the way. he had voted against the farm bill, even though he agreed to bring it to the floor. he was clearly protecting the interests of those who want to keep the big government subsidies. the extension we wanted that would have extended every part of the farm bill shaved off 2.5% from direct payments, the government subsidies that go to farmers, regardless of whether they need it. that was something that leader mcconnell would not support. part of that also was disaster assistance. for the life of me, i cannot believe that we have seen disaster assistance go through both the house and senate that did not include agriculture. we were told it would be in the extension. to pull that out and leave ranchers, farmers, cherry growers in my state -- it is something i find outrageous. agriculture needs a champion. i will be at the frontline. we are going going to get this done. >> what kind of schedule do you think you will be on? are you willing to go ahead of the house? are you worried they will not do anything again? >> somebody has got to lead. we are go
will be what they focus on like a laser in the coming months as negotiations continue. mitch mcconnell look at the incoming class of house republicans as well who voted, many of them against the bill on friday that provided $9 billion in flood relief to sandy. they did it because there weren't spending cuts. >> jonathan, how is the fiscal cliff fight, how might that shape the debt ceiling fight for republicans? >> it's everything to them in terms of they feel as it was pointed out before that they didn't get the spending cuts they wanted. they see the debt ceiling coming up in the early couple of months of the year here as an opportunity for leverage to get those spending cuts that they didn't just get. the president of the united states says he's not going to play ball on that. he may unilaterally raise the debt and may lower the debt and there are a few options on the table so we'll have to see how that plays out. >> do you think he might invoke the constitution to prevent congress from holding him hostage? >> we have to see. the white house pretty much shut that down in december and nove
president biden began participating in negotiations at the request of senate minority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday, and helped forge a deal on taxes. the proposed deal worked out earlier today is said to raise $600 billion in revenue over the next decade through new tax increases on the wealthiest americans. the bush era tax rates would be extended for all single americans, with income below $400,000, and couples with income below $450,000. all income above those levels would be taxed at a clinton era top tax rate of 39.6%. and capital gains taxes above those amounts would also be increased up to 20% up from 15%. the deal is also said to include a permanent fix for the alternative minimum tax, and extends unemployment insurance for another year for two million americans. >>> there is some grumbling about the proposed deal from labor. in the last hour, richard trumka of the afl-cio tweeted the following -- we can't set the stage for further destabilizing hostage-taking from -- in the form of another debt ceiling crisis and another sequester crisis. joining me now from capitol hill by phon
senate minority leader mitch mcconnell negotiated the compromise that permitted the senate vote. the house was tight. 257-167. here are some elements. income tax rates on the wealthy, up. individuals who make more than $$400,000 per year and couples who make more than $450,000 per year. these americans will pay nearly 5% more in income taxes. capital gains taxes and dividend taxes, up. for those same high earners from a current 15% to 20%. income tax rates unchanged for everyone else. the rates stay the same. unchanged. but middle class citizens will take a tax hit. not in income taxes but higher payroll taxes. social security payroll taxes up 2%. on average, an extra $1,000 a year will be paid into social security by workers who make $50,000 per year. the percentage of u.s. households that will feel the pinch from these higher payroll taxes is 77%. question, why did 151 house republicans vote against this bill? why did joe biden strike a compromise with mitch mcconnell? pat buchanan? >> the republicans voted against it, john, because they made a commitment not to vote for highe
' plan to fight back. >>> real filibuster reform is dead, and mitch mcconnell is gloating. we beat the liberals. senator bernie sanders is here to react. >>> conservatives said the market would die without mitt romney as president. >> the dow is sitting at this five-year high. it's actually been up for ten out of the last 11 sessions. >> we've got to stop being the stupid. >> bobby jindal. >> no, the republican party does not need to change its principles. >> with the same old lines. karen finney and eugene robinson take on the losing strategy. >>> senator saxby chambliss of georgia is a lame duck. tonight we look at his flawed legacy. >>> and more on the fallout from the pbs documentary "the untouchables." why isn't wall street on trial? mike papantonio, head of the national trial lawyers association is here to explain. good to have you with us folks, thanks for watching. the fight is on. the attempt to steal the next presidential election by stealing the electoral college are facing resistance, and the resistance is working. earlier today rnc chairman reince priebus was rewarded
during a fiscal cliff negotiations mitch mcconnell was reasonable and willing to work with democrats, and those are two big no noes. and one of the famous mitt romney lines gets put to the test. it's a wednesday night in san francisco. we're just getting started. stay with us. i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? ♪ >> jennifer: vice president joe biden pledged today that the administration would reduce gun violence in this country even if it requires executive action only. and that would mean the presiden
of the republicans and no doubt will be a key figure in the battles ahead, the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell. he joins me now. leader mcconnell, happy new year. welcome back to "meet the press." >> good morning, david. >> let me talk about a preview of coming attractions and the fights ahead, including the debt ceiling that was so bitterly contested back in the summer of 2011. here is something you said in august of 2011 that i wanted to show our viewers and have you respond to. you said then, i think some of our members may have thought the default on paying america's bills issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting. most of us don't think that. what we did learn is this. it's a hostage that's worth ransoming. is that the strategy for the coming fight over the debt ceiling? >> well, first, these last-minute deals are no way to run the government. i can tell you that. we know what the problem is. you're going to have al simpson and erskine bowles on. they have talked about this for a couple of years now. we have a spending problem. you know, we have a debt the size of our econom
members of the press, yes, you can all refer to this as the mitch mcconnell tax hike. red state approves the tea party of louisville, the president saying this week, the next test will come with the debt ceiling debate. let's hope mcconnell compromises and giving in while getting nothing in return. however, if his fiscal cliff negotiations are any indication, we'll most likely see him wave the white flag again. what's your reaction, senator? >> well, the election will take care of itself in 2014. the question is, what will we do now? we know that everybody's taxes were going up a couple of days ago. what we did was prevent tax increases on 99% of the american public. nobody in the senate, not the 90% of senate republicans who voted for this, voted to raise anybody's taxes. and the arbiter of whether something is a tax increase or not is americans for tax reform. the head of americans for tax reform said it was not a tax increase. and had he been a senator, he would have voted for it. look, this was not a tax increase. it was not the kind of complete deal we'd like, because we want to cut
. mitch mcconnell is leading the charge to get major concessions out of the president of the united states in exchange for a vote to increase the debt ceiling. mcconnell wrote an op-ed for yahoo news today saying the fiscal cliff fight represented "the last word on taxes. that debate is over. the strategy is only increase the debt limit if there is an equal amount of spending cuts. we simply cannot increase the nation's borrowing limit without committing to long overdue reforms to spending programs that are the very cause of our debt." that's what makes my blood boil. it is the wars that started all of this that they never paid for. so according to mcconnell, there will be no new revenue to reduce the deficit, just cuts to spending programs like the big three. he wants the president to play ball. or else the country will default on its debts, its good faith, and the united states around the world. mcconnell told his caucus members this -- "we will have the tount put our country back on sound financial footing and there's no excuse not to seize it." but the only way mcconnell can make this
the details with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. here is what we know about the potential deal as of right now. current bush era tax cuts will expire for individuals with an income over $400,000, also for couples with an income over $450,000. unemployment benefits will be extended. the sequester, automatic spending cuts that would hit a wide range of government programs, including department of defense, will be dedelayed for a two-month period and be paid for with a 50/50 split on tax increases and spending cuts. joining us now is kelly o'donnell what have you learned with the vice president's meeting with senate democrats? >> we were able to talk to some within the meeting, they are in a bit of waiting game, in part because of the legislation, being turned into an actual test that will have the lengtext tha language. and the budget office will give it a score what it will cost the government to do this. at this very late hour, many people at work here at the capitol hill and going over that now. the vice president was able during his meeting with democrats to walk through the
with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. he told members earlier in the day he thought he had a done deal this morning and the white house called and said we want you to take the sequester cuts to domestic and defense spending off the table to get rid of them essentially. mcconnell said how about we do a two month extension on the sequester and pay for it in two months and find out in the two months how to pay for the cuts to make them go away rather than doing major damage to defense and domestic programs that democrats are worried about. a busy night here on capitol hill. crafting this into legislative language. the senate may still vote eventually later tonight and bottom line, vice president biden is here to dot hi i.s and cross the ts. >> let's review about the sequester and how this all started. a lot of people have been following this but some haven't frankly. even on new year's eve as we get ready to get up to the fiscal cliff deadline. the sequester was set up to be so unacceptable that members of both parties on both sides of the aisle would just say we can't deal with that
minority leader mitch mcconnell, but senato harry reid was very involved in all this, and the hold up for the last six some hours this evening, the republican leader, senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, and the white house had fundamentally come to an agreement on principle, and there was this stall in the talks for the last hours tonight. it was because democratic leader harry reid was refusing to give in on some points that were very important to the democrats. and so he's won some concessions, and that should help make the vice president's sell even easier tonight. you know, there are some people saying, look, don't say we have a deal until you know, everyone signs on inside that room. now, what we know is that there is a deal in principle between reid, mcconnell, and the white house. that is the major hurdle they had to overcome, and it's now all but the selling, and of course, the voting, wolf. >> they have to draft it and put it in a form of legislation. dana bash is our senior congressional correspondent. is there anything else, jessica, you wanted to add before we bring i
, with mitch mcconnell, trying to get an agreement with harry reid, it has been apparently successful now. joe biden behind closed door with, at least get it through sometime before dawn tonight, and let the house come in and wrestle with it on new year's day, melissa. >> well, as we speak, the vice president is there trying to speak to his own troops, if you will, who may be holding out their votes up for this deal. he has been with them for how long now, and is there any sort of word that you're hearing at all about how it is going? >> well, we haven't heard anything because all the senators, as far as i know have not come out of that meeting. he got up here about 50 minutes ago. he is meeting with those senators now. the $250,000 threshhold that was set forth by the president that the president campaign ed on. many on the left are disappointed that he has given in to a certain extent and allowed that to rise by $200,000 to $450,000. there are going to be some problems there, one that might help the feelings on the left is the extension of the unemployment benefits for a year. there are 2 mi
leader mitch mcconnell. thank you for joining us, senator. >> good morning, george. >> i know you think the deal you negotiated is imperfect and you want to fix it as we approach the debt limit. you say no increase in the debt limit without major cuts in spending. the president says he won't even negotiate over that. so to borrow general david petraeus' famous quote from the iraq war, how does this end? >> well, first let me say these last-minute deals are no way to run the government. we've known all of these deadlines are coming. why we end up in these last-minute discussions is beyond me. we need to function. i mean the house of representatives, for example, passed a budget every year. they've passed appropriation bills. the senate democratic majority and the president seem to like these last-minute deals, and we know these three issues are coming up, the sequester, the debt ceiling and the continuing resolution to operate the government. why not sit down and not wait until the last minute to get these matters resolved? look, the biggest problem confronting the country is not taxes,
mcconnell drew a line in the sand saying though republicans are willing to work on tax reform as part of upcoming budget negotiations, new tax revenue is, "absolutely off the table." >> we've resolved the tax issue now. it's over, it's behind us. >> the tax issue is over. >> the tax issue is over, finished, completed. >> that may be mcconnell's view and not the view from the white house or democrats. they say new revenue is needed, mainly by scaling back tax breaks for the welty. >> these loopholes where people can park their money on some island off shore and not pay taxes, these are things that need to be closed. we can do that and use the money to reduce the deficit. >> is that done now? is the revenue side of it taken care of yet? >> no, no. >> if mitch mcconnell is going to draw that line in the sand, it is going to be a recipe for more gridlock. >> meanwhile chatter among republicans calling for a republican shut down is building the two republican in the senate it may be necessarily to partially shut down the government to secure the fiscal well being of our country. mcconnell
was because of the deal -- >> john boehner. because of john boehner. >> partly, mitch mcconnell force ed john boehner's hand. >> we expect senators to do that. that's what republican -- republican senators have always spent us deeper into debt. that's what they do. that's their hobby. >> look, in this round, the president got a ton. and liberals who are complaining are most worried not about the terms of this deal but about whether the president's got a weak hand going into the next round. the president, as you pointed out, has said as recently as sunday with david gregory, we need to do medicare reform. we need to do entitlement reform. when we deal with the sequester cuts in two months, when we deal with raising the debt ceiling, even though the president wants to keep that out of the debate, republicans are going to have another chance with leaders like john boehner and paul ryan making the argument. and i think the president once again is going to have that k n confrontation. >> how many trillions do you think they'll add to the debt, mika? paul ryan -- i had the tenth amendment on a lit
. good for him and good for mcconnell. good evening. this is the kudlow report. now there still may be a vote in the senate tonight. the breaking news story devel developing on a minute by minute basis. let's bring in john who has been doing a brilliant job. good evening. >> reporter: we are still waiting for the wrap up of a deal between vice president biden and senate republican leader mcconnell. i got a message from a source in the senate who said we are getting there on wrapping up democratic obsessions to the deal. one is over the issue of the cross the board budget cuts. democrats want to put those off at least a year. not kick the can for a couple of months down the road. another was on the estate tax. it would go up to 40%. some see that as a victory. but others say that is not a good deal especially when you say that republicans have it. let's run over the provisions that have been agreed to. taxes would go up to 39.6%. the clinton era rates on income on $450,000 for couples. the deductions would be faced out. personal exceptions and deduction values would be phased out for
it would be think only option but once mitch mcconnell got republican senator to agree to raise taxes, and john boehner allowed a vote in the house, when those things happen, this republican no, no no posture, resolved. at least an opportunity appeared. and once mitch mcconnell and john boehner stuck out their necks, of course president obama had to make a deal. he need to have a congress that he can work with. when one party steps out and asks you to the dance, you don't walk away unless you never ever want to dance with them again. that's what democracy is all about, compromise. even messy compromise. so we progressives we need to get real. anyone who demands purity is just never going to get a deal. if you really want a perfect deal, then get more house progressives elected and make nancy pelosi speaker again in 2014. until then this is a step in the right direction. joining me now is michael tomski nice to have you back notice "the war room." >> nice to be here. happy new year. >> jennifer: happy new year to you. do you think progressives should be upset with th
. the need enough votes to approve it. here is "the new york times at" on what they are calling the mcconnell-biden plan -- possibly more to come if the house approves in what the senate did earlier this morning. christine from illinois, the republican line. caller: hello, i am disappointed republican. i'm thinking about switching to the democratic party. i just want to say that mcconnell is really disrespectful to his boss. any buss that have a job, having worked in a factory, will make problems for the boss and not agree and compromise. everybody would talk to them and end up getting fired. they do all the propaganda on the fox network. it is embarrassing. i just wanted to say that i did see one man -- i forgot his name, a congressman, james inhofe, he had the gall to go on a foxx and talk to bush people like they are still in charge and get their opinions. it is not a good place. the shows they have until 5:00, they are yanks. i need to be a democrat. host: 10 road in north carolina, the democratic color. what do you make of the early morning vote? caller: yes, i am glad to something being
and the president can sign it if he wants or not sign it. >> noam, david gregory repeatedly asked senator mcconnell if he is prepared to shut down the government. he refused to say no. who will have the upper hand if there is a battle over shutting down the government? >> i think what the president has improved very much on in the last year or so of his first time is taking his message around congress and directly to the public. he was very skilled at that during the campaign and in the run up to the fiscal cliff end game. i think he is going to continue to be good at that. the public clearly doesn't want massive cuts to medicare and social security. i think he will be good at setting the table and putting himself in a position to get a better deal. the question is, in the end game i think that is when obama tends to back slide a little bit. he will do a good job bringing the public to his side, framing it as these guys wanting to hold the country hostage. having done that there is always the risk that the white house worries that the house gop is basically an irrational actor and you can't trust t
to have chuck with me in any capacity. he'd make a great secretary of state. same john mccain. mitch mcconnell who says there will be tough questions for hagel. >>> is john mccain just a bitter man because president obama beat him and he's just bitter and keeps attacking whatever the president does and mitch mcconnell is still trying to live up to his saying that will make him a one-term president and in the second term, he's still trying to ruin the obama presidency? >> i think this is all a question of sour grapes. you said it first. leaving aside chuck hagel's qualifications, and he's as fine a man that ever served in the senate, number one. number two, not all of the good thing that is you dlelineated ad the president delineated, but he's probably done the most in the history of the senate. he's been e norronormously effe. i think guys like me who entered the army as privates, that warms our heart all over. he's a great pick. what you said correctly, reverend sharpton, wlen you said the president has the right to pick his own team. it's always been the tradition in america. unless there's
and mcconnell seem to have grasped that the long-range strategy dictated a deal be done on the fiscal cliff with as little public airing of grievances as possible. do you think that for future fights your colleagues will follow your advice and how much damage has this done to the house gop brand? >> i don't think it's done a lot of damage. sometimes in politics like in war you find a holding action so the army can escape. i think that's what you saw. the army is off the beaches and back where it belongs. and the fights ahead of us are fights that we're very well positioned for and we're very united about and that's spending. and we've got the sequester vote, the continuing resolution vote and the debt ceiling vote in front of us. and if the president thinks that he's not going to negotiate, he better think again. he's president of the united states, he's not emperor of the planet. we'll have to see the spending cuts and entitlement reforms he's talked about. i take him at his word, said he'd like to put them on the table, we haven't seen them. i'm looking forward to seeing them litera
least two. and mcconnell even declined an invitation last spring when the university of kentucky men's basketball team was honored at the white house for winning the national championship. in 2011, the white house held a reception for newly elected members of the congress, only 27 of the new republican house members showed up. that's out of a record freshman class that totaled 87. more recently no elected republicans elected a white house screening of "lincoln" last month. had mitch mcconnell, john boehner, lamar alexander attended, they were all invited, they would have joined not only nancy pelosi, harry reid but steven spielberg, tommy lee jones. as tip o'neill famously said about his political foe, ronald reagan, love the sinner. hate the sin. when president reagan would invite the speaker, tip o'neill over to the white house for drinks and raise a glass to one another. there's no shortage of parties planned around inauguration 2013. here is hoping it spills over to the next four years and both sides of the aisle make a move to be more social and more civil. and, hence, more
to the floor and filibuster harry reid and mitch mcconnell agreed to a minor tinkering of the filibuster that, in effect makes no changes at all. i mean, look the senate is broken. why did harry reid and mitch mcconnell chicken out? doesn't make any sense. we will talk about that and a whole lot more on today's "full-court press," but first, we take time out to get the latest. today's current news update. and look at this. we stole her from stephanie miller, the one, the only the talented jacki checkschneckner. >> good morning, everybody. vice president biden is traveling to richmond virginia today along with homeland security secretary janet napitano to hold al roundtable conversation about the administration's plans to curb gun violence. bobby stein and experts who have been working gun safety issues since village tech in april, 2007 will be in attend as at virginia commonwealth university. it comes on the heels of biden's gom talk yesterday pushing for assault weapons in the wake of a natural disaster and possible ensuing chaos. he minced no words, his ass
in the house which will convene four hours from now. republican leader mitch mcconnell said the process wasn't pretty but it got the job done. >> each of us could spend the rest of the week discussing what a perfect solution would have looked like, but the end result would have been the largest tax increase in american history. so, it took an imperfect solution to prevent our constituents from a very real financial pain, but in my view, it was worth the effort. >> so, here's what in that imperfect bill. tax rates will rise for individuals making over $400,000 and couples making more than $450,000. high-end rates for the estate tax and the capital gains tax will rise. all of those elements will be made permanent. in addition, the alternative minimum tax, which is patched every year, will be fixed permanently. several tax credits, including ones for children, college tuition and earned income, will be extended for five years. and long-term unemployment benefits will be extended for a year. now, the big issue not addressed, those sequester spending cuts, which are simply being delayed for two m
throughout the night and throughout the day, we have reached an agreement with senator mcconnell to avert tax increases on middle-class americans. i have said all along our most important priority was to protect middle-class families. this legislation does that. middle-class families will wake up today to the assurance that their taxes won't go up $2,200 each. they will have the certainty to plan how they will pay for groceries, rent, car payments all during next year. the legislation also protects two million americans who lost their jobs during the great recession from losing their unemployment insurance. i'm disappointed that we weren't able to make the grand bargain, as we have tried to do for so long, but we tried. if we do nothing, the threat of a recession is very real and passing this agreement does not mean negotiations halt. far from it. we can all agree there is more work to be done. i thank everybody for their patience today, and they have had a lot of patience. i also want to thank my friend, the republican leader, senator mcconnell, for his hard work to reach this bipartisan agr
the press." today's the guests include mitch mcconnell, former republican senatorial left hand simpson and erskine bowles, co-chairs of the national commission on fiscal responsibility and independent senator angus king. at 1:00 p.m. "this week" mitch answer l makes another with north dakota democratic senator and arkansas's republican kwcongressman tomcat. chris wallace sits down with ted cruz and chris van hollen and republican representative jim jordan of ohio. cnn's state of the union is at 3:00 p.m. eastern with the democratic senator and richard hudson and the senate majority whip and lindsey graham. then "face the nation" with mcconnell, house minority leader nancy pelosi and jeff blake of arizona. the sunday network tv talk shows re-air on c-span radio brought to you as a public service by the networks and re-air. that is "meet the press," this week, fox news sunday, cnn state of the union and "face the nation" from cbs. you can listen to them all on c-span radio, at 90.1 f.m. in washington. on xm satellite channel 117 on the smart phone or online to c-span >> the bi
in republican primaries. i mean, here you've got mitch mcconnell being threatened now in kentucky and next year's election from the right. >> right. and the tea party's never really been an organized political force. and i'm using that as a shorthand for the far right that's been dominating the party right now. and as i point out in the column, that force really isn't going anywhere because of the redistricting, because of the way things are structured in the house. and because of this primary system. we also have saxby chambliss bowing out rather than face a primary challenge. the element of the party is going to be dominant for some time to come. is the tea party isn't over, but what i think you have is some of the more sober revelers in the tea party are heading for the exits because they realize this thing is getting rowdy and the police are showing up and it's going to get ugly. i think that's what's going on here. people who are interested in 2016 who realize the party has to change are growing a bit of bravery right now in saying we can't continue to tolerate this. >> well, let's take a
, the president is still in the white house. still absolutely a recipe for stalemate. what mcconnell said in that op ed is interesting, a lot like what john boehner indicated when he didn't want to negotiate one-on-one with president obama anymore. they are saying what they need to say today to keep control to keep support among their caucus you exactly the message that mitch mcconnell needs stand on today to go forward there is a small window of opportunity, right, they, for example, kicked the can down the road on the sequestration cuts two months from now. that gives them two months and maybe they will be in a better negotiating position then. maybe. we will see. >> eugene, any reason to believe that the latest deal brought senator mcconnell any closer to the white house because, you know, he seems poised to have this debt ceiling fight that the president clearly wants to avoid. >> well, i think ab is absolutely right. the idea is mitch mcconnell saying what he has to say today, taking this tough line. but he has always been a dealmaker. that's kind of what he does. this al qaeda combi
of their party. boehner and mcconnell have declared they will survive. their party? they don't really care. what's going to come of the gop? >> i which he would be more forthright and candid in his views. he might be able to get a position on the wall street journal editorial page. i think there are two types of people who call them nominally republicans. there is the mcconnell/boehner type. they're a little older, little more establishment. they're more used to occasionally making deals. they actually like to legislate. they think legislating is somehow a good idea. most of the tea party people, most of the people that eric was speaking for there, they're not here to legislate. they're here to remonstrate. they're here to make a point. they're here as outsiders who intend to stay outsiders and put as many sticks in the spokes of government as they can. that is consistent with their philosophy. that's what they want to do. that's the sentiment eric is expressing there. there is a real conflict. the interesting thing to see is whether -- and i think it's correct. that somehow despite all the abus
where the senate dgives deference to the president. mcconnell, around this "politico" story with quotes from mcconnell's farewell speech to hagel where he points out that hagel saved mcconnell's brother in vietnam, so we're not really sure. and singing his praises. >> that's only in the movie version. >> it's going to be hard for mcconnell to oppose him vocally here. >> that kind of sums everything up because if you watched yesterday's "meet the press," i mean, all this talk last week about the president's personality being difficult and unapproachable and isolated, excuse me. watch mitch mcconnell on "meet the press" because that cantankerous statement about the man who saved his brother's life was the one other thing that he said in his entire interview on "meet the press" after the fiscal cliff debacle. so i'm not sure how you negotiate with someone like that. that summed it up. that sums up why the fiscal cliff ended up where it did. he's difficult. i'd stop looking at the president. >> so mitch mcconnell's brother's life was saved by chuck hagel? >> dragged out of an armored person
to be the beginnings of a deal. we heard of a deal all day long between senator mitch mcconnell, the senate minority leader and vice president joe biden. they have been talking nonstop about trying to come to some conclusion. a little bit of a scaled back version of the original grand bargain to deal with the expiring bush era tax cuts and also to deal with the impending sequester, the across-the-board cuts that would hit the pentagon and also domestic spend ising. they have according to the white house and senate republicans reached a deal but vice president biden is up on the senate side right now behind closed doors trying to convince some skeptical senate democrats to sign on to this before this piece of legislation hits the senate floor. we begin with our restart and to tell us exactly where we are at this hour, and this hour by the way is just two hours ahead of 2013. there you see the specifics of the deal. the framework. tax hikes on family income above $400,000 for an individual. $450,000 for a family. the top tax rate going to 39.6% from 35. 39.6% is the clinton range. the tax rate back in
-by-play and was e-mailing us the play-by-play. mitch mcconnell called up -- bypassed senator reid who never got back to him on saturday and said can i speak to the vice president, joe biden? we're used to cutting deals together. like it or not, these are the two that hammered it out. they put it together. when it was all said and done, this is what joe biden had to say about how this deal actually came to fruition. >> what was said there was kind of hard to hear. what was your selling point? biden said: me. it's interesting, the senators, the democrats all got together late yesterday, and joe biden went in, and his pitch to the liberals, particularly liberal liberals was -- quote -- "this is joe biden, and i'm your buddy." he was saying this is the best deal you're going to get. you guys got to go for it, and a majority of the democrats did. >> the little smirks and all that, but the fact is he went in there superseding harry reid who wasn't getting anything done. at least something happened. people wanted to see some sort of action. they wanted to know their congressmen who went home for the break
of the white house. we want to welcome john mcconnell who spent eight years with president bush and vice president cheney. thank you for being with us. this is from the "washington examiner." then there is this from the "chicago tribune." the issues will be framed tomorrow at his inaugural address. what will we hear? >> no time to waste me anything -- makes me think of president clinton this is about continuity. his time in office is now half finished. he is more conscious than ever before of the passing of time. he is going to be emphatic about his great ambitions. i do not think this will be a very policy specifics speech. there is an aspiration a level, a bit of discrimination of what we have gone there as a country. this is a characterization of what we have been there as a country. a few of the great goals for the four years to come. not a lot of specifics. >> president obama has the luxury of one more day to prepare for his speech. typically every president is different. what is happening 24 hours before an inaugural speech? do you suspect the president has everything in place typi
leader harry reid and his counterpart republican leader mitch mcconnell set to announce a series of reforms on the senate floor that fall far short of their demands. one more? one more. >> we're going to change the rules. we cannot continue in this way. so i hope we can get something that that the republicans will work with us on but it won't be a handshake. we tried that last time. it didn't work. >> twharzry reid at the senate in december saying any deal to reform the filibuster would not be a handshake deal. today a "handshake agreement" is how roll call newspaper described a number of the filibuster reforms that harry reid agreed to with mitch mcconnell. wow. harry prooed. yeah. this was the day everybody had been wait forget in terms of changing how the senate operates. and if you hear sad trombones, that's why. on election day this year americans voted overwhelmingly to re-elect president obama four more years. that same day people also voted to re-elect senate democrats and to send a large number of them to congress, more than the re z republicans. more senate democrats t
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